Arabescato Orobico is a material that can be used both in the traditional flooring, interior wall coverings and furnishing elements, as well as for exterior coverings with a rustic surface.
It is often used in prestigious locations, above all in large spaces that allow the splendid open-spot geometric patterns to be exalted to the maximum, thanks to careful processing and elaborated laying studies. Its chromatic characteristics are particularly emphasized by both the polishing and the splitting processes that enhance its warm tones.

Main features of Arabescato Orobico are:

  • excellent resistance to compression and bending stresses
  • high resistance to wear and tear (i.e. trampling)
  • a very low coefficient of imbibition, resulting in a low tendency to be damaged by frost;

Place of extraction: Camerata Cornello / Bergamo (Valle Brembana)
Basic Varieties: Red, Rosé, Grey-Pink, Grey, Multicolor

Physical-Mechanical Properties

Breaking load at simple compression EN 1926:2000 :
Rm = 125 MPa s = 16 MPa v = 0,1

Resistance to bending UNI EN 12372:2001 :
Rtf = 11,4 MPa s = 4,5 Mpa

Apparent mass density UNI EN 1936:2001 Weight :
pb = 2704 Kg/m3

Abrasion resistance UNI EN 14157:2005 :
17,7 mm

Capillary water absorption UNI EN 1925:2001
C1 = 0.083 g/m 2. s 0.5

The colours of Arabescato Orobico:

Arabescato Orobico RED

Arabescato Orobico RED

Arabescato Orobico RED LIGHT

Arabescato Orobico GREY PINK

Arabescato Orobico PINK GREY

Arabescato Orobico GREY PINK LIGHT

Arabescato Orobico GREY

Arabescato Orobico GREY GOLD

Arabescato Orobico GREY LIGHT

The processing of Arabescato Orobico:




Fine Bush-hammered

Fine Bush-hammered Brushed



Bush-hammered Brushed

Hand Chiselled